Fort Myers Shopping


Some people fish to relax, some people like to chill out on the beach, and some people like to shop. We have all three available for you to do … but if you are a dedicated shopper we have a great shopping experience just waiting for you.

There is some shopping right on your doorstep, but if you really want to go on a serious shopping venture you will easily be able to get to Fort Myers, and there you will find everything you need to have a great time.

All the big stores are right there, but there are also some great little specialty shops. So whether you want souvenirs, something of more local interest, or you are looking for something to wear to dinner, you are not going to be disappointed.

You aren’t going to want for anything; it’s all right there for you. Fort Myers is a bright and vital place that you are going to really enjoy.



As an alternative to Fort Myers we have Matlacha, which has some great boutique stores and local shops, as well as sporting goods supplies for all the great activities that the area offers. You can buy all your essentials, but you can also get those things you may have not even known you wanted. Great art, custom furniture, a bespoke shopping experience that you will love. Matlacha has a thriving local economy and its uniqueness is reflected in the shopping available there.

Matlacha puts its own personal touch on the whole shopping experience, so that when you’re not engaged in some great local activity or eating some wonderful local cuisine, you can really dig into the shopping experience we have to offer. We love it, and we are confident that you will too.