Model Homes

Whether you are looking to stay with us for a short period or are looking to stay for a longer amount of time, we have some wonderful model homes that we know will be ideal for you.


We have the perfect setting for you to get away from it all, to let the stress just fall away. It can be your temporary getaway, a home away from home, or it can be something more permanent. Whatever needs you have we are set up to accommodate you.

Air-conditioned, centrally heated, ideally located homes. Great friendly staff and residents.

We have a great community in a place with excellent facilities, all added to by the natural beauty of the surrounding area. What more could you ask for? We know that once you have visited with us you won’t want to leave, and why should you have to? If you’ve already been here we know you’ll want to come back as soon as possible; if you haven’t stayed with us yet then what are you waiting for? Come and check out your new future home.

If you have any questions about the accommodations, the facilities, anything at all, you should contact us today.