Beautiful Florida Beaches

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Beautiful Florida Beaches

• Cape Coral

• Sanibel

• Tropical Point

• Fort Myers

• Matlacha


This area has some fantastic beaches that are only a short boat trip away, and we know that you are not going to have any problems relaxing in such picturesque surroundings. The local beaches provide you with everything you need and a little more – as with many things in this part of Florida there is an impressive variety of scenery that gives each beach its own distinct character.

One thing they all share are the miles of soft clean sand and deep blue oceans. You can take romantic walks and enjoy the stunning sunsets, or if you want to just relax and work on your tan you can. Go swimming, go kayaking, all are equally inviting. There is so much to do you won’t want to leave.

We have beautiful wildlife, natural scenic beauty, great fishing, hiking. If this wasn’t the wonder of nature at work you might think the place had been designed just for you to come to and unwind.beaches-banner