Fishing Report

Fishing Report

The fishing is one of our big attractions – you can relax, drop a line in the water, and get ready for a great day’s fishing.


The fishing is one of our big attractions – you can relax, drop a line in the water, and get ready for a great day’s fishing.

You will go home with great stories about your catches, or the journeys along the many miles of beautiful coastline which we have, and you can guarantee your envious audience will be wishing that they had been in your place, pulling on those oars, feeling that huge fish tugging aggressively on your line. You will be the one who falls hook, line and sinker for the whole idea of making this one of those places that you come back to time and again.

Visit Matlacha and find out why it has been a traditional Florida fishing village throughout its entire history – the fishing is that good. Or you can go on an Angling Adventure and get the inside scoop on where the best places to fish are.

Pine Island Boating

• Captain Jack Boat Tours

• Gulf Coast Kayak

• Catch Me If You Can Fishing Charters

• Sanibel Thriller LLC


Given the beautiful area in which you are staying, with its exquisite scenery, you would expect the boating to be amazing, and you would be right. The natural unspoiled area also gives rise to some amazing fishing as well.

Matlacha offers kayaking, and boat trips that will help you navigate the wonders of this area, and what better way to see the picturesque coastline and get close to the nature you are normally separated from? We know you are going to find this a great place to be, and you aren’t going to want to leave.


Local Shopping

• Riverdale Shopping Center

• Tanger Outlets

• Periwinkle Place Shop

• The Franklin Shops


Some people fish to relax, some people like to chill out on the beach, and some people like to shop. We have all three available for you to do … but if you are a dedicated shopper we have a great shopping experience just waiting for you.

There is some shopping right on your doorstep, but if you really want to go on a serious shopping venture you will easily be able to get to Fort Myers, and there you will find everything you need to have a great time.

All the big stores are right there, but there are also some great little specialty shops. So whether you want souvenirs, something of more local interest, or you are looking for something to wear to dinner, you are not going to be disappointed.

You aren’t going to want for anything; it’s all right there for you. Fort Myers is a bright and vital place that you are going to really enjoy.



As an alternative to Fort Myers we have Matlacha, which has some great boutique stores and local shops, as well as sporting goods supplies for all the great activities that the area offers. You can buy all your essentials, but you can also get those things you may have not even known you wanted. Great art, custom furniture, a bespoke shopping experience that you will love. Matlacha has a thriving local economy and its uniqueness is reflected in the shopping available there.

Matlacha puts its own personal touch on the whole shopping experience, so that when you’re not engaged in some great local activity or eating some wonderful local cuisine, you can really dig into the shopping experience we have to offer. We love it, and we are confident that you will too.


Landmarks Museums

• The Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum

• The Imaginarium Science Center

• The Edison & Ford Winter Estates

• Museum Of The Islands

• Sanibel Historical Museum and Village

bailey-matthews museumIf you fall in love with the area, which we are confident you will – you may want to find out more about the local area and some of its colorful history.

There is a wealth of local history and the different museums in and around Pine Island provide an interesting record of local life dating back to to the pioneers who first settled in the area. There is The Sanibel Shell Museum as well which offers an interesting look at a subject which is of great local interest; given how great the area is for shell collectors.

You have the Imaginarium Science Center; The Edison and Ford Winter Estates. There are some points of real interest that may surprise and will no doubt deepen your appreciation of the area and its contributions, and increase your understanding of how people in the area have lived throughout the ages.


Fort Myers Golf Courses

• Royal Tee

• Captiva

• Sanctuary

• Sanibel Island

• Dunes Golf / Tennis Club

• Shell Point


What’s better when you have some time on your hands than knowing that you can pick and choose from some really nice golf courses? If you want to get in a few rounds of golf and work on your handicap, and perfect that swing, there are a number of places where you can stretch your legs and drive a few balls down the fairway.

The perfect weather, and beautiful courses, will give you countless hours of pleasure, as you play a few rounds and finish off the day with a visit to the bar at the last hole. Every day is going to feel like a hole in one, and you will have no problem enjoying the smooth and never hitting the rough or ending up in the proverbial sand-trap.



5-Star Dining

• Lazy Flamingo 3

• Tarpon Lodge

• Woody’s Waterside

• Waterfront Restaurant

• Mad Hatter

• Lighthouse Restaurant


You’re on holiday – even if you have all the amenities right at hand, you don’t want to cook for yourself every night … and you don’t have to.

On those nights when you want to go out and have a nice meal, whether by yourself, or with your partner – there are some great places for you to explore, all reasonably priced, and with some great food on the menu. So you can relax with a great view of the surrounding scenery and enjoy some local color and cuisine.

Whatever kind of food you like to eat there is something available in the local area that is going to cater to your tastes. If you want something simple we have it – or if you are looking for fine cuisine that option is available to you as well.

There are lots of places of interest in the area, and when it comes to food places we are more than spoilt for choice. Matlacha, which comes from the Caloosa word for “water on the chin”, is one such place.

There are a host of great restaurants to eat out at including Great Licks Ice Cream, and Miceli’s Restaurant, Pizza Bella, and Andy’s Island Seafood to name a few. If you need to just get that daily cup of java then the Perfect Cup provides you with just what its name suggests it would.

You will never be at a loss for great and varied cuisine, and for your entire stay you could eat at a different place every night.


Local Entertainment

• Griffen Center For Haitian Art

• Shuffleboard

• Island Vision Gallery

• Euchre

• Love Grove Gallery & Gardens

• Card Games

ShuffleBoardFloridaWhen you have seen all there is to see for the day, and you want to relax from relaxing, and have a laugh, be entertained, and hang out with some like-minded people, we have a full activities program that we run for our visitors. Even vacationing in a place of such natural beauty there are bound to be moments when you just want to hang out .

Challenge someone to a game of Shuffleboard. Celebrate as your number comes in playing Bingo. Team up for a game of Euchre or choose from a whole selection of other card games which are

available to play in our clubhouse. The choices are varied, and we aim to always have something for you to do.

For those culture vultures who can’t get enough of art you can travel to Matlacha, and you will find some wonderful galleries. The Griffen American Center for Haitian Art, the Lovegrove Gallery & Gardens, and the Island Vision Gallery each offer something unique that will reward you for the time spent there.

You can take in the beautiful scenery with the help of Gulf Coast Kayak or, if you don’t want to do it under your own steam, Captain Jack Boat Tours will be more than happy to show you around.

If this all seems a little fast paced for you, you can always hang out and watch some TV on the Free Cable TV, swim in the heated pool, or catch some bubbles in the Jacuzzi. As you can see there is lets to do, so you’ll never be at a loss for something to occupy yourself.



Beautiful Florida Beaches

• Cape Coral

• Sanibel

• Tropical Point

• Fort Myers

• Matlacha


This area has some fantastic beaches that are only a short boat trip away, and we know that you are not going to have any problems relaxing in such picturesque surroundings. The local beaches provide you with everything you need and a little more – as with many things in this part of Florida there is an impressive variety of scenery that gives each beach its own distinct character.

One thing they all share are the miles of soft clean sand and deep blue oceans. You can take romantic walks and enjoy the stunning sunsets, or if you want to just relax and work on your tan you can. Go swimming, go kayaking, all are equally inviting. There is so much to do you won’t want to leave.

We have beautiful wildlife, natural scenic beauty, great fishing, hiking. If this wasn’t the wonder of nature at work you might think the place had been designed just for you to come to and unwind.beaches-banner


Florida State Parks

• Nature Preserve Of Pine Island

• Matlacha Pass Aquatic Reserve

• Calusa Land Trust

• Darling National Wildlife Refuge

• San Carlos Park

• Yucca Pens Unit State Wildlife

• Cayo Costa State Park


There is so much beautiful scenery in this area, that is easy to get to, that you are going to find yourself spoiled for choice. If you were just to look at Cayo Costa National Park you have nine miles of beaches, huge pine forests, and mangrove swamps, all there for you to explore. But that is only one of the amazing locations that you can travel to – we have a wealth of riches in our surroundings, and we know you will fall in love with the area.

If you love wildlife, again, the number of different animals that you can see is staggering, and you have a few different wildlife sanctuaries from which to choose, including Pine Island National Wildlife Refuge, where you can relax as you watch manatees and pods of dolphins swim by. If you like to watch birds J. N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge has over 230 species of birds.

We know how lucky we are to be in this area, and we know that you will feel the same after not very long. Great features like these will make this more than a home away from home – it will be an experience that you never forget.